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Taking Separett Tiny to the waters - Part 1

The story of Heikki, Outi and Olivia

We are Heikki and Outi, sailing enthusiasts from Finland. We bought our sailboat, Olivia, in 2017 and did a one-year sailing trip in 2019 from Finland to the Canary Islands and back. Currently, we are sailing in the Baltic Sea, and we are planning to do a world tour on our boat. Before embarking on the journey, we need to make some changes to the boat. One of the most important upgrades was installing a new toilet for our boat. That's when we found Separett and their Tiny toilet!

Can a compost toilet be suitable for a sailboat?

Options for marine toilets are limited, and after a thorough consideration of the pros and cons, we decided to switch from a traditional marine toilet to a compost toilet. Our goal was to eliminate the constant hassle of changing pipes, dealing with toilet pump issues, clogs, leaks, and hunting for pump-out stations. The idea of installing a composting toilet in our sailboat seemed like a practical solution, inspired by its successful use in cabins and camper vans.

Positive feedback from other sailors who had switched from traditional marine toilets to composting toilets gave us the confidence to try something new. Hearing about others' successful experiences reinforced our decision. While the concept of a composting toilet seemed almost perfect for our needs, a small part of us wondered if it was too good to be true.

Why we chose Separett Tiny

We chose the Separett Tiny for several reasons. Firstly, its reasonable price made it an attractive option. As far as we know, Tiny is one of the most affordable luxury composting toilets on the market.

Secondly, the design of the Separett Tiny appealed to us. It features a clean and minimalist look, which is rare for composting toilet seats, but Separett has managed to achieve this well.

Lastly, using the Separett Tiny means we don't have to discharge waste into the sea. Protecting the oceans is important to us, and by switching to the Tiny, we can help reduce the amount of waste entering the waters. This environmental perspective was a significant factor in our decision to move away from a traditional marine toilet.

Installation in the boat

For us, installing the compost toilet also involved modifying the space, which made the installation process feel more labor-intensive. However, looking back, the installation of the composting toilet itself was straightforward.

Handling the compost toilet in the confined space of a boat was easy because it is much lighter than a traditional porcelain toilet. This was immediately noticeable since we installed the Tiny while the boat was on dry land, and we had to carry it up a ladder into the boat.

Once the Separett Tiny was inside the boat and the other modifications were complete, we secured it to the floor and installed the ventilation hose. We utilized an existing ventilation vent in the ceiling for the hose.

The actual installation tasks included securing the composting toilet to the floor, installing the ventilation hose, and connecting the positive and negative wires for the fan. It was a surprisingly simple process!

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Observations from a sailor's perspective

We gained extra space! Removing the old marine toilet and the holding tank (waste tank) provided us with an additional large storage compartment in our 31-foot sailboat.

Since the compost toilet does not require water pumping and no waste needs to move through pipes, we could seal two through-hull fittings. This significantly enhanced our peace of mind, knowing there were fewer potential points for water to enter the boat below the waterline.

Our expectations for the Separett Tiny are high. We are excited about this simple product and hope that the maintenance will be significantly reduced. Waste disposal seems easy, and we don't anticipate any extra hassle. The most exciting aspect will be seeing how the Separett Tiny handles the boat's heeling. We don't expect the tank capacity to be the same as on land, but we will find out once we are on the water.

So far, we have been very pleased with our choice, and the Separett Tiny has performed excellently. While the boat is still on dry land, we can't give a complete endorsement for sailing use just yet. We will share more about our experiences during the summer 2024 once the Separett Tiny gets put to the test on the water!

Stay tuned for more updates on our journey and experiences with the Separett Tiny composting toilet!

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