FAQ Separett Ejector tank

Frequently asked questions about the Separett Ejector tank

Separett Ejector tank is a unique way of gathering the urine from a urine diverting compost toilet and using it as fertiliser for grass. We have gathered the most frequently asked questions about the Ejector tank here.

How do I use the Separett Ejector tank?

The Separett Ejector tank has an inbuilt ejector part which with the difference in water pressure sucks urine from the container and blends it with water in a 1:8 ratio making the mixture safe for grass. For the Ejector Tank to function optimally, access to water with a pressure of at least 35 psi / 2.5 bar / 250 kPa is required. This pressure is sufficient to spray out mixture on the same level or lower as the container. Lower pressure will lead to the container filling with water instead. Going uphill requires higher pressure for the incoming water.

How do I store the Separett Ejector tank?

Urine freezes at about 23° F. In freezing conditions it's important to empty the container of urine and water. Also remember to empty the ejector part in the lid of the Ejector tank to prevent it from cracking. The container itself can be washed like any other plastic container.

Can I dig down the Separett Ejector tank to the ground?

Yes. The Separett Ejector tank can be dug down to the ground to a depth no deeper than where the wider upper part starts.

How do I know when to empty the Ejector tank?

The Ejector tank has a floating gauge which rises with the level of the liquid in the container. It's time to empty the container when the red marker in the pin of the gauge becomes visible.

How long of a hose can I use to spray the mixture from the Ejector tank?

The Ejector tank is delivered with a 33 feet hose. This hose may be extended to a total of 66 feet but bear in mid that any extensions to the original hosewill need to be done with an external sealing. Using quick connectors will create variations in the internal diameter of the hose causing wrong water pressure at the system won't work. Also the original nozzle should not be replaced meaning that any extension to the pipe must be done in the middle of the original outlet hose.