Essential consumables for eco-friendly toilets

Explore our wide selection of consumables specifically curated for composting toilets. At Separett, we understand the importance of high-quality consumables to ensure the seamless operation and sustainable management of compost toilets.


Optimize your eco-friendly system

Our range of consumables is tailored to support the optimal performance of our composting toilets. We offer essential consumables crucial for maintaining hygiene, supporting waste management, and enhancing the functionality of these eco-friendly sanitation solutions.

Diverse consumables for various systems

From composting toilets in tiny houses to composting toilets for RVs and boats, our consumables cater to a wide spectrum of uses for our composting toiles. Find consumables specifically designed for different setups, ensuring compatibility and efficiency in waste management.

Promoting environmental responsibility

By choosing consumables from our selection, you're contributing to environmental responsibility. Our eco-conscious consumables support the sustainable operation of your compost toilet system while minimizing the environmental impact through their efficient use.

A comprehensive range

Discover a comprehensive array of consumables, including liners, compostable waste bags, and other essential items critical for maintaining and optimizing your composting toilet. These consumables are curated to support your commitment to eco-friendly waste management.

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