FAQ Separett Villa

Separett Villa frequently asked questions

Separett Villa is the most sold Separett toilet. We have gathered the most frequently asked questions for you to discover.

Is it ok to extend the ventilation pipe of Separett Villa?

It is ok to extend the ventilation pipes. All Villa-models can be installed with up to 20 ft ventilation piping and three 90-degree bends.

Is a fresh air valve needed with Separett Villa?

No you don't need to install a fresh air vent. Villa performs well with the existing fresh air supply from windows valves, door, etc. Keep in mind that there shouldn't be any other fans installed in the toilet room.

Can ventilation pipes be led to a chimney stack?

Only if the chimney stack is no longer in use and if a plastic within the chimney stack is used. We advice against leading the air flow freely in the chimney stack since moisture from the bathroom can destroy the mortar joints.

Does the ventilation pipe need insulation?

There is no need to insulate the ventilation pipes. Separett Villa has a condensation water collector in the stam of the ventilation pipe exhaust. Through this collector the condensation water is led to the urine outlet.

Is an extra fan needed if there is a shower in the same room with the toilet?

No. The fan in Separett Villa should be the only fan in the room. It runs continuously and circulates the air in the room and it ventilates out even the steam from showering. An extra fan may cause a vacuum effect in the room, pulling unpleasant odors from the toilet.

Is a trap needed in the urine outlet?

Usually not. The little odour that may come from the urine outlet is drawn out through the venting pipe. A trap is only needed if an odor from the wastewater system gets through to the toilet room or outside where the air is ventilated.

Can I use Separett Villa without the fan?

We do not recommend using the toilet without the fan. Without the fan unpleasant odors will occur and flies may lay eggs in the solid waste container. When the fan is running, the smell is ventilated out and the waste dries better.

Can I use bulking material with Separett Villa?

All Separett toilets are designed to stay odorless and to be used without any additives such as bulking material, peat, wood chips, cocoa shells etc. Adding any of such materials in the solid waste container will not only fill the container faster but also by time cause the fan to break down after the fine dust from the bulking material will be sucked in to the fan.

How do I clean the Separett Villa?

Always use non corrosive cleaning substances when cleaning the surfaces of the toilet. This to prevent damage to the material of the toilet. If you need to clean harder stains with a stronger substance, it's important to rinse the affected area with a clean damp cloth after.

The solids container can be washed as any other plastic container.

How do I store my Separett Villa toilet?

The fan runs all the time keepinging the odors away. If you wish to store the toilet and switch off the fan you need to remove the solid waste container from the toilet and empty it. Otherwise there is a risk that it will start to smell bad and flies will come in and lay eggs. A clean container can be stored inside the toilet.

Urine freezes at approx. 23º F. In freezing conditions it's recommended to empty the urine outlet from urine. A urine drain with correct fall throughout the line should empty itself. If you use a trap in the urine line, pressurised air or other suitable solution might may be needed to fully empty the pipe.

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