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Welcome to Separett, your go-to destination for cutting-edge composting toilets designed to separate solid waste from liquid waste, offering an eco-friendly and efficient waste management solution.


Separett's approach to composting toilets

At Separett, we specialize in pioneering composting toilets. Our innovative systems are expertly crafted to separate waste efficiently, ensuring the liquids and solids are managed separately. By segregating these waste components, our composting toilets facilitate a more environmentally friendly disposal process.

Understanding composting toilets

Composting toilets, often referred to as waterless toilets, revolutionize waste management through innovative technology. Separett's composting toilets function by segregating waste, ensuring the solid and liquid components are collected separately. Our technology focuses on separating and collecting waste to enable easy and sustainable disposal without the need for further processing within the toilet itself.

Embracing the benefits of composting toilets

Separett's composting toilets are designed to reduce environmental impact. By separating waste at its source, our systems contribute to enhanced hygiene, reduced water usage, and an eco-friendly approach to waste management. Our toilets are the ideal solution for minimizing environmental footprint without compromising on functionality.

Efficiency through separation

These systems excel in their ability to separate solid and liquid waste. Notably, the incorporation of a urine-diverting toilet or a urine diverter for composting toilets ensures efficient waste separation, contributing to the successful composting process.

Exploring waterless and dry toilet solutions

Within our range, discover waterless and dry toilet options. These toilets represent eco-friendly alternatives suitable for various environmental conditions. Separett's expertise ensures that our waterless and dry toilets offer sustainable solutions for diverse settings.

Choosing the best composting toilet system

Explore Separett's carefully curated collection of composting toilets. We offer a variety of top-tier systems that separate waste effectively and efficiently. Our inventory encompasses options suitable for households, outdoor settings, mobile homes, and commercial use, ensuring superior functionality and durability.

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Discover Separett's top-quality composting toilets tailored for efficient waste separation and management. Our composting toilets ensure the liquids and solids are managed separately, prioritizing sustainability and functionality for a cleaner, greener future.

Separett provides environmentally conscious solutions through our composting toilets. Join us in embracing a more sustainable waste management approach with our diverse range of innovative systems.

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