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Enhance your Separett toilet with quality parts and accessories

Explore Separett's wide range of parts, accessories, and installation materials designed to optimize the functionality and performance of your composting toilet system.


Efficient composting toilet solutions

At Separett, we understand the importance of efficient waste management. Our composting toilets, known for their sustainability and innovation, are complemented by a comprehensive selection of parts and accessories that ensure a seamless waste separation process.

Maximize your composting toilet's potential

Discover our selection of parts and accessories tailored for various composting toilet systems. Waterless toilets, boat toilets, dry toilets and other off-grid solutions, we offer everything you need to keep your system in prime condition.

Installation materials

Our range extends to installation materials, making it convenient for you to set up or install your composting toilet system. We provide all the essential components to ensure a hassle-free installation process, allowing you to fully enjoy the benefits of an eco-friendly and efficient waste management system.

Bio drain cleaners

Explore our bio drain cleaners, which are designed to enhance the performance and sustainability of your composting toilet. These accessories offer eco-friendly solutions for efficient waste management while reducing your environmental footprint.

Tailored parts and accessories for your needs

Our commitment to sustainability and efficient waste management extends to every aspect of our product range. Whether you need replacement parts, additional accessories, or installation materials, Separett has you covered.

Optimize your composting toilet

At Separett, we understand the importance of keeping your composting toilet in peak condition. Our range of spare parts is crafted to ensure the seamless performance of your composting toilet, be it for an RV, boat, camper, or tiny house.

Ensuring continued efficiency

Explore our collection of spare parts specifically curated to guarantee the continued efficiency and smooth operation of your composting toilet system. From waterless toilets to dry toilets, our spare parts cater to a variety of systems, ensuring hassle-free maintenance.

Tailored for your system

Whether you need spare parts for a composting toilet in an RV, camper, boat or tiny house our inventory offers a diverse range to match your specific system. Separett ensures that you find the exact spare part needed for your system's upkeep.

Eco-friendly solutions

Our spare parts lineup also includes eco-toilet solutions, ensuring sustainable and eco-friendly options for your composting toilet system. We prioritize the environment while offering top-quality spare parts to maintain your system's performance.

Reliable performance, extended lifespan

By choosing Separett's spare parts, you're not just ensuring the continued performance of your composting toilet system; you're also extending its lifespan. This selection of spare parts ensures that your system remains in top condition for years to come.

Choose Separett for a wide range of spare parts tailored to maintain and optimize your composting toilet system, regardless of the system type or setting.

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