Tiny® with Urine Container | LIMITED BATCH, PLEASE READ BELOW!

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We have a batch of Separett Tiny® where the view screen doesn’t work as designed. You can remove the view screen from the toilet if you are not satisfied with the function without affecting any other functions of the toilet. The only difference after removing the flaps will be that the waste bin will be visible to the user after the lid is opened instead of first after pushing down the upper part of the toilet which usually happens when seating down on the toilet. The discounted price is active until the batch is sold out.

Separett Tiny® is a urine diverting toilet developed with tiny spaces in mind. Solid waste goes into a bio-degradable bag and liquids into an internal container, while the 12v fan vents out the smell. Unlike a traditional composting toilet there is no cranking or additives needed. The ADA compliant 17.5-inch seat height makes Tiny® as comfortable as a household toilet. The Separett Tiny® is the best toilet solution for vans, tiny houses, RVs, boats, and off-grid properties.

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