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Separett Villa

Separett Villa


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Silent and odorless

Separett Villa is the most advanced, trouble free compost toilet available for on grid or off-grid living. It is waterless and urine diverting and with its simplicity and unlimited capacity it offers a comfortable toilet visit. Thanks to the urine separation, both the smell and the volume of the waste that must be disposed of are reduced. With the strong 12V fan, the toilet can handle installations up to 6 meters long and with up to three 90° bends.

The toilet can be operated with 110-240 V AC or with 12 V DC solar cell / battery power. The fan has very low energy consumption of 0.06 kWh / 24h and is therefore suitable for battery or solar cell operation as well. The battery and battery cables are not included.

Previously known as Separett Villa 9215 and Separett Villa US.

Product details

High Capacity

With its high capacity, the toilet works just as well during continuous and alternating use. Therefore suitable for both leisure and permanent living. A holiday home with five people usually needs to empty the latrine container in the toilet every 4 to 6 weeks.

High Reliability

Villa has high operational reliability, is easy to install and does not take up more space than a standard toilet seat. The toilet space is constantly ventilated by the toilet fan and urine is separated from other waste, which makes the toilet space odorless. The view screen hides the dry waste and is only pushed away when you sit down to use the toilet.

Contents of delivery

  • Separett Villa® toilet, 12V / 110-240 V
  • User and installation manual
  • Universal adapter for power socket
  • 1 x solid waste container
  • 1 x lid for waste container
  • Straight connector piece to fit the 90° bend
  • 90° bend for the Ø3.5” ventilation pipe
  • 1.47” long Ø3.5” pipe for simple ventilation installation through the wall
  • Insect net and rain cap for Ø3.5” ventilation pipe
  • Indoor flashing for the Ø3.5” ventilation pipe
  • 6.6 ft white urine hose Ø32 mm to lead out the urine
  • Indoor flashing for the Ø1.26” urine hose
  • 90° bend for the Ø1.26” urine hose
  • Straight connector for the Ø1.26” urine hose
  • Silicone strip to seal the bottom of the toilet
  • Wall mount for attaching the toilet
  • 2 x wall mount to attach the urine hose
  • Screws for mounting the toilet to the wall or to the floor
  • A sample of Bioblock – used to prevent blockage in the internal urine hose
  • A sample of Absorb – used to prevent excess moisture in the solids container
  • A sample of Compostable waste bags – used in the solid waste container to collect waste
  • Installation template – has markings for drilling holes and attaching the toilet

Installation instructions

Toilet placement

Separett Villa has no requirements for room temperature and works in both cold and warm spaces. The only requirements are that you must be able to lead the urine away and fit a ventilation pipe.

The toilet is made to be placed on the floor against the wall, and for extra stability it should be attached either to the floor, the wall or both.

Drill holes according to installation template

The installation instructions show possible installation options for urine drain and ventilation pipe through the wall, the ceiling or the floor. The installation template shows the places for holes in a simple installation through the wall behind the toilet. 

Install ventilation pipe

The toilet is designed for 3.5" (schedule 40) ventilation pipe. Separett Villa can be installed with up to 6 meters of ventilation piping and three 90-degree bends. Ventilated air can go through a wall, floor or ceiling, for example, up into an attic and out through a suitable side of the house. If there is already a ventilation pipe present from a previous toilet installation, the toilet may be connected to that duct, provided that it is not smaller than 3.5" and that it meets the piping requirements.

The toilet comes with a coupling for connecting the toilet to 3.5" inch piping (schedule 40).

Install urine hose

The toilet is delivered with a 2-meter (6.6 ft) urine hose. To connect this to the toilet, use the included straight joint or the 90-degree joint.  It is possible to connect the urine tube so that no pipe is visible where the toilet is installed. This is achieved by angling the 90-degree connection downwards or using the straight connection leading the pipe out through the wall behind the toilet.

Recommendations for installation of urine hose

As with the ventilation duct, Villa provides the option of installing the urine hose without any visible pipes/tubes in the bathroom. Below are a few tips that should be followed to maintain a well-functioning urine outlet over time and all year round.

  • If you are going to go through an insulated wall or a wall with an air gap between the inner and outer wall, you must use a pipe for the penetration, or lead the hose through a pipe. Pipes are used to reduce the risk of pests causing damage to the tube.
  • If you are going to run the urine a longer distance than the 2 meters (6.6 ft) of the supplied hose, you should switch to a pipe after the 2 meters (6.6ft). Since urine contains minerals that can accumulate in pipes/ hoses, we recommend that the subsequent pipe have a diameter of at least 40 mm (1.6") to avoid blockages.
  • Make sure that you always have a downward inclination of at around 2 degrees (2 cm per meter or 0.8 inch per 40 inch) throughout the piping, also make sure that there are no air pockets created by bends in the hose.
  • If the toilet is to be used in winter, outdoor pipes must have a diameter of at least 40 mm (1.6”).
  • If the toilet is to be used in winter, we recommend that you insulate outdoor pipes with pipe insulation. This insulation can be bought in most DIY stores.
  • An important rule for longer installations (over 2 meters (6.6ft)) is that the sooner you switch to pipes with a larger diameter, the lower the risk of blockages in the pipes.
  • Do not place pipe joints near electrical appliances or wall sockets. This is to prevent liquid from coming into contact with electricity in the event of a leak
Technical data
Capacity Unlimited - need for emptying depends on the amount of users
Product weight 42 lbs
Package weight 46 lbs
Max user weight 330 lbs
Product measurements L 26.5" W 19" H 21.3"
Seat height 17.3"
Box size L 30.3" W 18.5" H 26"
Material Polypropylene (PP), high gloss, recyclable
Emptying interval with 4 users (liquids) When the container is full (if used)
Internal container capacity (solids) 6.1 gal
Emptying interval with 4 users (solids) Every 4-6 weeks
Energy consumption 0.06 kWh / 24 h
Power adapter 110-240 V universal adapter
Total effect 12 V / 2.5W / 210 mA
Voltage 12 V
Ventilation duct Ventilation pipe ⌀3.5" standard
Urine pipe Urine pipe ⌀1.26"
Noise level in use under 30 dB(A)

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Customer Reviews

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Amy Garbincus
Love this!

Quite an upgrade from my 5 gallon bucket. This is simple and easy.

Dan Clements

Original Toilet shipped and was broken. They immediately sent me a new toilet to install.

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