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Insulated styrofoam seat in grey

Insulated styrofoam seat in grey


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Comfort for those frosty mornings

With our insulated styrofoam seat say goodbye to the shivers and embrace the cozy warmth that transforms your outhouse experience.

Picture this: a frosty morning, an outhouse visit, and a surprisingly welcoming seat that instead of staying cold uses your body heat and greets you with warmth. Our insulated seat is meticulously crafted to provide a delightful experience, even on the coldest of days.

No more dreading that icy shock to your senses and instead feel the difference as you comfortably settle in for your peaceful moment without the discomfort of a cold seat.

Separett insulated styrofoam seat can be used in a regular non diverting outhouse, but it is designed to fit Separett urine diverting sets which are available in blue and grey. To upgrade your existing toilet solution to a urine diverting wonder see our diverter sets.

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