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Separett Rescue Camping

Separett Rescue Camping


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The ultimate portable compost toilet for outdoor adventures!

Separett Rescue Camping is a compost toilet made for remote off-grid use. Say goodbye to compromising on comfort while exploring the great outdoors and embrace the freedom this innovative camping toilet offers.

Designed for convenience and sustainability, the Separett Rescue Camping redefines the camping experience. No more sacrificing comfort for the sake of nature, this portable toilet ensures a hassle-free and environmentally friendly solution wherever your adventures take you.

Lightweight and easy to assemble for use

The toilet is easy to set up effortlessly and you can enjoy the freedom to answer nature’s call without worry. It comes in a handy transport bag and with its compact and lightweight design it is easy to transport, ensuring you can explore remote areas without sacrificing your comfort or the environment.

Rescue Camping urine is diverting which means that you can leave the sterile liquids behind and pack out solid waste to protect the environment. The Separett Rescue Camping Toilet is designed to handle waste responsibly, minimizing your ecological footprint. It's an eco-friendly alternative that respects nature while providing a hygienic and efficient solution.

Contents of delivery

  • Separett Rescue camping® waterless camping compost toilet
  • Assembly instruction
  • Transport bag
  • Urine extraction hose with an end cap
  • A sample of compostable waste bag
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