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Explore efficient toilets for cabins, houses, and tiny homes

Discover Separett's range of innovative toilets tailored for cabins, houses, and tiny homes, designed to deliver efficient waste management solutions in small and residential spaces. Discover our toilets for on-grid installations below.

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Separett's Composting Toilets for Small Spaces

Efficient waste management for small spaces

Separett's composting toilets offer an innovative solution for managing waste in limited spaces. These compact units are specifically designed for cabins, tiny homes, and other small living environments, providing effective waste separation and disposal without extensive plumbing or large infrastructure needs. These toilets use advanced technologies to separate liquid and solid waste, ensuring a hygienic and eco-friendly solution.

Urine diverting technology

Many of our spare parts integrate seamlessly with urine diverting systems, ensuring efficient waste separation. This technology is crucial in reducing odors and managing waste effectively, particularly in off-grid and mobile living scenarios. It supports an eco-friendly approach by reducing the volume of waste that needs disposal and making it easier to handle.

Tailored for tiny houses and cabins

Our composting toilets are meticulously designed for use in tiny houses and cabins. These units are compact and eco-friendly, fitting perfectly into small living spaces without compromising on performance. Separett's dedication to sustainability ensures that these toilets meet the unique needs of such environments, promoting a greener lifestyle.

Compact and waterless solutions

Embrace the best in compact, waterless toilet systems with Separett. Our expertise in composting toilets guarantees that your tiny home or cabin will benefit from efficient waste management. These systems are designed to save space while providing all the comforts of traditional toilets, without the need for water or extensive plumbing.

Eco-friendly toilets for residential spaces

Separett's eco-toilets are a sustainable choice for residential settings. These composting toilets not only save space but also ensure efficient waste management without relying on large sewage systems. They are ideal for anyone looking to reduce their environmental footprint while maintaining modern conveniences.

Innovative backyard outdoor toilet ideas

For outdoor or backyard installations, Separett offers innovative composting toilet solutions. These eco-friendly toilets provide hygienic and sustainable waste management options for outdoor settings, ensuring that your outdoor space remains clean and odor-free while contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Choose Separett's range of composting toilets for cabins, houses, and tiny homes, and experience the efficiency and eco-friendliness our products offer for your small and residential living spaces.