Composting toilets for RV, van, camping, and boats

Explore high-quality composting toilets for RVs, vans, camping, and boats

Discover the ultimate in waste management solutions for mobile living with our range of top-quality composting toilets designed specifically for recreational vehicles (RVs), vans, camping, and boats.


Efficient and eco-friendly waste management

At Separett, we understand the importance of efficient waste management, especially in mobile settings. Our composting toilets are meticulously designed to offer efficient separation of waste, ensuring hygiene, odor control, and eco-friendly disposal, making them ideal for various mobile living situations.

Efficient waste separation with urine diverting technology

Many of our composting toilets incorporate cutting-edge features like the urine-diverting toilet system, or the urine diverter for composting toilets, ensuring efficient waste separation. This technology promotes eco-friendly waste management, specifically tailored for mobile and off-grid living.

Innovative composting toilets for RVs and campers

Explore our selection of composting toilets tailored specifically for RVs and campers. Separett's expertise ensures compact, small toilets that cater to space limitations without compromising on functionality. Our composting toilets for RVs are designed to fit seamlessly into small spaces while maintaining the efficiency and environmental benefits of composting toilets.

Waterless off-grid solutions

Embrace off-grid living with our waterless composting toilets. These systems operate without the need for water, making them ideal for off-grid or mobile living situations such as boats or outdoor camping scenarios. Separett's commitment to sustainability ensures that our waterless toilets provide an eco-friendly solution wherever you travel.

Portable composting toilets for versatile use

Our portable composting toilets are perfect for those on the move. Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of our portable composting toilet options, ideal for outdoor adventures, camping, and any mobile setting where traditional plumbing might be unavailable.

Composting toilets for vans and boats

Separett offers compact composting toilets suitable for vans and boats. These toilets are specially designed to fit the limited space available in these settings, ensuring a comfortable and efficient waste management solution without sacrificing performance.

The ideal composting toilet for recreational living

Whether you're exploring the open road in an RV, cruising on a boat, embarking on a van life adventure, or camping under the stars, our composting toilets cater to your waste management needs while championing sustainability and hygiene.

Choose Separett's range of composting toilets for RVs, vans, camping, and boats and experience the convenience, eco-friendliness, and efficiency our products provide for your mobile living lifestyle

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