Composting toilets for cabin, house, and tiny homes

Explore efficient composting toilets for cabins, houses, and tiny homes

Discover Separett's range of innovative composting toilets tailored for cabins, houses, and tiny homes, designed to deliver efficient waste management solutions in small and residential spaces.


Efficient waste management for small spaces

Separett's composting toilets offer a breakthrough solution for managing waste in limited spaces. These compact and small toilets are specially designed for cabins, houses, and tiny homes, offering efficient waste separation and disposal without the need for extensive plumbing or large infrastructure.

Understanding composting toilets

Separett's composting toilets function by separating waste into liquids and solids, providing an eco-friendly approach without the need for extensive processing within the toilet itself. Our waterless systems are built to save space and minimize environmental impact, making them perfect for tiny home living.

Urine diverting technology

Many of our spare parts are engineered to integrate seamlessly with urine diverting toilet systems, ensuring the continued and efficient separation of waste streams. These components play a critical role in the waste management process, promoting eco-friendly solutions without compromising on functionality.

Tailored for tiny houses and cabins

Our composting toilets are meticulously crafted for tiny houses and cabins, offering an eco-friendly and compact solution for waste management in small living spaces. Separett's commitment to sustainability ensures that our toilets cater specifically to the unique needs of these settings.

Compact and waterless solutions

Embrace the best in compact, waterless toilet systems. Separett's expertise in composting toilets ensures that your tiny home or cabin benefits from efficient waste management without compromising space or comfort.

Eco-friendly toilets for residential spaces

Separett's eco-toilets offer a sustainable solution for residential settings. These composting toilets are not only space-saving but also eco-friendly, ensuring that waste is managed efficiently without the need for large sewage systems.

Innovative backyard outdoor toilet ideas

For outdoor spaces or backyard installations, Separett provides innovative ideas for outdoor composting toilets. Our eco-toilet options offer sustainable and hygienic waste management solutions for outdoor settings.

Choose Separett's range of composting toilets for cabins, houses, and tiny homes, and experience the efficiency and eco-friendliness our products offer for your small and residential living spaces.

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